The Saucer Church is the ministry without walls. We exist to esteem people and to share the good news that Christ’s desire is for us to drink continually from His overflow of goodness, mercy, and favor! We have experienced the Lord’s supernatural healing power, and we’ve become healers through the work of the Holy Spirit and His anointing. We believe without supernatural manifestations, Christianity is no different than philosophy.

“No man looks at his circumstances, nor relies on his feelings if he believes. So, don’t be moved by what you see, only be moved by what you believe.” Smith Wigglesworth

“Unbelief begs. Faith shouts the victory.” Kenneth Hagin

The revelation that the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge brings is broader and applies to people, places, and things. The discerning of spirits gives us supernatural insight only into the realm of spirits. Remember, the discerning of spirits is seeing or hearing into the spirit world. It also reveals the kind of spirit that is in operation behind a supernatural manifestation. Kenneth Hagin